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Hyfi is a media-rich resource that teaches the truths of Scripture in a way that helps preschoolers, kids, and students understand their true identity in Christ. Hyfi uses high-quality media, games, and side-by-side learning to foster a fun atmosphere of learning and belonging.


Preschool Welcome Video

Meet Bark and the Super Crew!


Preschool Bible Story Video

Connecting the Super Clue, the Big Deal, and the Bible.


Kids Intro Video

Meet DIY Dan!


Kids Bible Story Video

Oliver and Marcus read this week’s Bible story.


Students Theme Video

We often live our lives with masks and filters on. What would it look like to live how God has designed us — no filters attached?


Students Session Video

Other people’s opinions can often influence how we see ourselves. The good news is, Jesus’s perspective tells us who we really are.

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