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Be sure to check out these features:

  • Customize Lesson Plans

    Contextualize the gospel to your specific context by customizing the lesson plans to your needs. Experience it for yourself by opening a session, changing the order of the lesson, turning sections off and on, and adding some notes!

  • Reschedule Sessions

    Manage your session schedule and reschedule sessions as needed. Check out the Reschedule feature on the Schedule tab.

  • Provide Biblically Sound Content

    Provide biblically sound content with a clear picture of Jesus and the gospel in every session. Read through the Leader Guide and see how the 12 Simple Truths are incorporated in each session.


A New Approach to Ministry

Hyfi roots kids’ and students’ identity in Christ through 12 simple truths that teach them who they are because of who God is. This all-digital resource provides fun, biblically trustworthy content to help kids see and know Jesus loud and clear!

Hyfi scope and sequence

12 Simple Truths to Help Kids and Students Understand Their Identity in Christ
Hyfi is built on a a dynamic, rolling scope and sequence anchored by 12 simple truths. That means you can jump in any time! And when you come back around, the Bible stories, Scriptures, and themes will be different while the truth stays the same. This ensures that your kids explore new parts of the Bible every year that anchor their understanding of who God is and who He says they are.

Key Features
Key Features
Key Features
Key Features
Key Features


Create a culture of belonging centered on relationships

Roots Identity in Christ

Root identity in Christ through 12 simple truths that teach kids who they are in Him.

Fun Media and Games

Fosters a fun atmosphere with high-quality media and games.

Biblically Sound

Provide biblically sound content with a clear picture of Jesus and the Gospel in every session.


Adapt as needed through fully digital, media-driven resource that's simple to plan, prep, and execute.

Get a glimpse at Hyfi's video resources

Hyfi utilizes high-quality media along with games, and side-by-side learning to foster a fun atmosphere of learning and belonging. Access your trial now to see the full set of videos that make up a lesson.


Preschool Bible Story

Connecting the super clue, the big deal, and the bible.


Kids Intro Session

Meet Hugo Nogo and discover new facts!


Student Story One Video

Have you ever had a huge falling out with a friend?

  • 5 star rating out of 5


    “Hyfi checks all the boxes! It’s rich in Scripture and life application yet relevant to students churched and unchurched. It’s flexible and designed to be led by both the tenured and the new small group leader. The activities and discussion questions get students talking and keep them engaged. And the scope and sequence is simple yet powerful.”

    Forest Hills Baptist Church, TN

    5 Star Rating

  • 5 star rating out of 5


    “My leaders really love Hyfi because even our busy kids are engaged!”

    The Journey, ID

    5 Star Rating

  • 5 star rating out of 5


    “We’ve only heard positive feedback from our leaders. They really liked the activities and the ease of implementing them. Everyone loved the Bible story videos!”

    Evangel Community Church, MI

    5 Star Rating

  • 5 star rating out of 5


    “Hyfi is fun, easy to use, and most importantly theologically sound! We love it, and there’s no going back for our church.”

    Soma Christian Church, CA

    5 Star Rating

  • 5 star rating out of 5


    “This resource uses incredible biblical content to teach kids about who God is and who they are in Christ! Everything is designed to help kids build relationships with God and with each other. Hyfi is laying the foundation for identities to be found in Christ alone!”

    The Bridge, TN

    5 Star Rating

  • 5 star rating out of 5


    “If you are looking for a simple and fun way to connect kids to Jesus, to their leaders, and to one another—this curriculum is it!”

    Hardin Baptist Church, KY

    5 Star Rating

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