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Reaching the Next Generation

Kids and students are desperate to know who they are. Through 12 biblical truths, Hyfi guides kids and students to learn who they are because of who Christ is. Hyfi’s biblically sound content presents a clear picture of Jesus and the gospel. This digital resource catapults preschoolers, kids, students, and leaders into connecting with one another in ways that ensure a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Leaders are longing for a curriculum that is fun, faithful, and flexible. Hyfi is the answer.

Hyfi brings a new approach to ministry that’s designed to help leaders:

  • Help kids and students discover their true identity in Christ
  • Reach families who may have never entered a church before
  • Build connection between kids, students, and leaders
  • Create a sense of belonging

Introducing Flip the Script

A powerful resource for ministry leaders to help kids and students recognize their true identities in Christ.

When it comes to connecting the gospel to our current culture, we may be reading from an old script. The philosophy and strategy outlined in Flip the Script is the foundation for a new, culturally-aware ministry solution for preschoolers, kids, and students called Hyfi. Hyfi teaches timeless truths of the gospel, addresses the cultural need to belong, and looks to the Savior to find lasting identity.

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A New Approach to Ministry

We can’t wait for you to dive in and equip your team using the Flip the Script ministry philosophy. And when you start using Hyfi curriculum in your church, you’ll see your kids and students flourish in their faith because they will discover who God says they are because of who Christ is.

  • 5 star rating out of 5


    “When we take on the model of relationship-first discipleship, we model the development of relationships that Jesus demonstrated with His followers and help kids and students recognize their true identities in Christ. We guide leaders and learners to walk and talk together so they can discuss real issues of real life in real time. We guide them to observe together what’s happening in the world and apply the wisdom of God’s Word to their lives.”

    Flip the Script, pg. 66

    5 Star Rating

  • 5 star rating out of 5


    “How do we reach people today? It’s the right question, and it’s answered carefully inside this book. Flip the Script explains the simple shifts that we must make in order to pass the baton to the next generation.”

    Ben Mandrell, President & CEO, Lifeway

    5 Star Rating

Equip your team using the Flip the Script ministry philosophy.

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